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...celebrate today and be inspired by tomorrow

Acknowledging the simple pleasures in our lives, goes a long way to making us happier. When we share those moments with others, they can become inspirational. That’s the idea behind Thankful™.

A simple notion that helps us celebrate what’s important in our lives, and take the time to make the most of what we have, right here, right now - rather than wishing our lives were different.

And because time is a precious commodity that we can never buy, through Thankful™ we can create memories that remind us our glass is always half full.

Thankful™ is not affiliated with any religious or political organisation.


Get involved

Thankful is always on the lookout for enthusiastic people who want to help out at events or festivals or wherever else we might find ourselves. If you want to help spread the Thankful message, get in touch and let us know what you’re interested in doing and we’ll find a spot for you next time we’re in your town or city.

If you’re a school or business and want to get involved with Thankful, contact us at and we’ll answer your query quick smart!


Corporate partnerships

We're always on the look out for like-minded organisations to help spread the word and grow the ThankfulTM movement. If you are part of a corporate organisation and wish to enquire how Thankful and your organisation might partner, please email to

Get involved

Giving Back

Part of our commitment to being Thankful is to try to give back to communities that perhaps don’t have the opportunities to be as Thankful as some are. So we choose to donate a portion of our income directly to causes that deal with disadvantaged communities. That’s our commitment, but if you would like to commit to giving directly to our fund for our charity partners, please follow this link.

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