Our Purpose

We exist to remind people to recognise and celebrate their Thankful moments, making the world a happier place along the way.

All we want is for people to take a moment each day, to notice and celebrate the simple pleasures in their life.

Being Thankful is a philosophy and a way of life. We’re not here to preach and we are not associated with any religious organisation. We just want to make everyone a little bit happier, and for you to share that happiness.

We are all rushing around, trying to squeeze as much out of every hour as possible. Often exhausted, and too focused on what needs to be done. We forget to take time to reflect and acknowledge what we already have to be Thankful for.

Just by taking a few seconds, we remind ourselves how many positive things happen in our lives everyday. This can’t help but give us a more positive outlook. In fact, getting scientific for a second, being thankful is the only ‘self help’ method of increasing long-term happiness that’s backed up by actual scientific research.

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