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Sexism In Sport

The Norwegian women’s beach handball team has been fined for refusing to play in bikini bottoms during a game in the sport’s Euro 2021 tournament.

The team wore thigh-length elastic shorts during their bronze medal match against Spain in Bulgaria to protest against the regulation bikini-bottom that the sport's Norwegian federation president called “embarrassing.” Women athletes are pushing back against the uniform status quo and in a number of recent incidents that have made news around the world, women athletes are pushing back against restrictive standards for competition clothing.

In July, the German women's gymnastics team wore ankle-length unitards (instead of the usual bikini-cut leotards) during qualifiers for Olympic competition.

The pushback signals a turning point for women athletes who are taking control of their image on the international stage. It’s time we recognise female athletes for their skills, strength and resilience.

Image: women’s beach volleyball team


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