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#ThankfulTogether is a global initiative to remind us all of the power of humanity and community and to inspire hope and optimism throughout the world.

about this initiative:

The World Health Organization has officially acknowledged that the coronavirus outbreak is generating stress among our population and rising levels of mental health challenges are impacting us all.  With rising levels of anxiety and stress we all need to take care of our mental health and wellness. 


ThankfulTogether reminds us all that although we are being encouraged to socially distance, we are not disconnected and we are all in this together.


ThankfulTogether encourages us all to celebrate and acknowledge who and what we are thankful for in our lives and share stories of positivity.

Because taking even a moment to be Thankful shifts our brains, shifts our bodies, and even shifts our entire way of relating to the world.

A moment of thankfulness enhances wellness, brings us together, and propels more thankfulness into the world.


We're in this together,

We’ll get through this together,

We’re #ThankfulTogether

share a story about someone you're thankful for



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share our videos and share positivity with others

Here are some short films we have created to help make you smile.  Please feel free to share with others.

Laughter is Good for the Soul

Dance like nobody is watching

Pet Companions

take action

As a Business Leader/Influencer:

Show your support by creating your own video footage and send to us to create a video

  1. Business Leader/influencer introduces her/himself and talks to camera about how she/he is feeling eg. “it is an uncertain/ scary/stressful/anxious etc time in the world right now and the world is facing a crisis like we have not experienced before.“

  2. Emphasises importance of optimism eg “It is also important that we remain optimistic and hopeful and focus on the many stories of compassion and kindness, innovation and gratitude across the globe.”

  3. States who they are thankful for eg “I am thankful for all of the medical teams who are putting their own lives at risk to help others”. 

  4. Comments on own organisation/perspective eg “At XXX we are putting people over profit and community over competition and working with XXX to do XXX.“

  5. Finishes with “This is not a time for ‘us’ or ‘them’, because we’re in this together, we’ll get through this together, We’re Thankful Together.”


Email the footage via Wetransfer (or equivalent) to

As a Consumer:


Be part of our global initiative to spread positivity and drive hope and optimism to combat the global rise of uncertainty and fear.  


Share news and stories of your community, kindness and gratitude.  Create your own story on social channels and tag @thankfulorg using #ThankfulTogether

As a Sponsor: 

We always need the support of sponsors to help us continue to spread positivity and hope.  If you would like to learn how you could help, please contact us now at

our commitment to a better world

The Thankful initiatives are designed to enable brands and consumers engage with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to improve our world, now and for generations to come.

Our ThankfulTogether Initiative focuses
on delivering these SDG goals


please support

Thankful is a global movement that reveals all the good in our world, through small, everyday Thankful Moments. Through the Thankful Foundation, we can increase positivity and inspire individuals and organizations to strengthen our communities by creating Thankful Moments for those less fortunate. So please donate today and make Thankful the most positive and mindful movement on earth. 


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