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our events

Thankful partners with many organisations to create Thankful moments for others.  From local events to events at the United Nations, we remind people to reflect and be Thankful for what we have and what we have achieved.

past events

thankful4farmers feast
620 Loft & Garden, New York

With the support of the Australian Consulate General, Thankful hosted the Thankful4Farmers Feast recognized and celebrated we are ALL Thankful4Farmers. Acknowledging the critical contribution and role agriculture plays in feeding the world’s growing population.


Australian Celebrity Chef, Author, Food Sustainability Advocate, Farmer and Thankful Ambassador, Matt Moran curated an exclusive 3 course dinner to showcase the best of food and drink from around the world. 

Matt was joined by the producers, thought leaders, and members of The Thankful4Farmers Global Advisory Council, uniting industry leaders in a collaborative conversation to support sustainable agriculture, farming and future food security.

Thankful4Farmers - uniting farmers from around the world

From the farms of New South Wales, Australia to the famers of Pennsylvania USA, farmers unite to share their stories at the Thankful table.