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our events

Thankful partners with many organisations to create Thankful moments for others.  From local events to events at the United Nations, we remind people to reflect and be Thankful for what we have and what we have achieved.


past events

thankful4farmers feast

620 Loft & Garden, New York

With the support of the Australian Consulate General, Thankful hosted the Thankful4Farmers Feast recognized and celebrated we are ALL Thankful4Farmers. Acknowledging the critical contribution and role agriculture plays in feeding the world’s growing population.


Australian Celebrity Chef, Author, Food Sustainability Advocate, Farmer and Thankful Ambassador, Matt Moran curated an exclusive 3 course dinner to showcase the best of food and drink from around the world. 

Matt was joined by the producers, thought leaders, and members of The Thankful4Farmers Global Advisory Council, uniting industry leaders in a collaborative conversation to support sustainable agriculture, farming and future food security.

Thankful4Farmers Thankful Feast
Thankful4Farmers Thankful Feast -5375
Thankful4Farmers Thankful Feast Jessica
Thankful4Farmers Thankful Feast Matt Mor
Thankful4Farmers Thankful Feast Charlie
Thankful4Farmers Thankful Feast Elena &
Thankful4Farmers Thankful Feast Matt Mor
Thankful4Farmers Thankful Feast Kim McDo
Thankful4Farmers Thankful Feast -6333
Thankful4Farmers Thankful Feast -6170
Thankful4Farmers Thankful Feast -5624
Thankful4Farmers Thankful Feast -5565

Thankful4Farmers - uniting farmers from around the world


From the farms of New South Wales, Australia to the famers of Pennsylvania USA, farmers unite to share their stories at the Thankful table.

Thankful4Farmers Farmer Dinner Barn-2591
Thankful4Farmers Farmer Dinner Barn-2591



Thankful4Farmers Farmer Dinner Barn-2591
Thankful4Farmers Farmer Dinner Barn-2591


Thankful4Farmers - global advisory council meeting

Australian Consulate General Office (New York)

Inaugural Global Advisory Council Meeting focused on achieving consensus on;

  • The top challenges facing agriculture and rural communities

  • The most appropriate role(s) for private industries downstream of the farm (e.g., food companies, restaurants) in supporting agriculture and rural communities

  • The challenges/roles best addressed through application of technology,

  • Incentives needed to drive development of technology to address the challenges

Thankful4Farmers - visit to Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Ithaca & Geneva

As part the Australian Delicious Magazine Annual Produce Awards, the winner of the Innovation Category, presented by Thankful4Farmers, Charlie Arnott (Biodynamic Farmer & Regenerative Agricultural advocate) was invited to the US to participate in an exclusive tour at Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and research facilities in Ithaca, New York. 

Thankful4Farmers Cornell visit
Stonestreet Studios Large Logo Transpare

Thankful4Women - Stone Street Studios

New York

Helping Women to Find Their Voice; Together our voices are LOUDER…together we are STRONGER. 


In partnership with Stonestreet Studios we are creating a workshop experience for women who have been victims of violence to write, create and record a song. This process will be both healing and empowering, as influencers gather in support, demonstrating their commitment to gender equality and eliminating violence against women.


Thankful4Women - The Luminary
New York

Continuing International Women’s Day celebrations and in collaboration with GLAMSQUAD and Luminary, we hosted an event to recognise extraordinary women and girls to provide an afternoon of mentoring and wellness.

This was followed by an evening program where we facilitated a Fearless Women and Maverick Women panel discussion, with Gigi Gorgeous, Cara Santana, Rebecca Black and female thought leaders all sharing their stories.


Thankful4Women - Berlin Cameron WPP

New York

Valentine’s Day celebration:
#Thankful4Women,  A Celebration of Gratitude.  What better time to show some love than Valentine’s Day? And who better to show it to than the extraordinary women who surround us?

We partnered with Berlin Cameron, Refinery29, Ellevate Network and Female Founder Collective to host #Thankful4Women, a Valentine’s Day Brunch.

Hosted by Kim McDonnell (Thankful Founder) and Jen da Silva (CEO Berlin Cameron), speakers included Nataly Kogan (Author, Founder of Happier Now), Rebecca Minkoff (Founder of Rebecca Minkoff), Piera Gelardi (Cofounder of Refinery 29), Kathryn Minshew (Cofounder of the Muse), and Charreah Jackson, Author and Editor.


Thankful4Women - Santa Clara University

San Jose, CA

Imagine a day of fun, exploration and empowerment for girls.

We were excited to be a part of the 3rd annual spectacular WorldWideWomen Girls' Festival® on October 6th, 2018.  The location was on the beautiful Santa Clara University campus in the heart of Silicon Valley, California.


A day of power and possibility for thousands of girls and their families. Many of whom shared what they are Thankful for on our Thankful tree.

Thankful4Women - Community Health Care Center, Boston


Partnering with GLAMSQUAD we visited a facility that provides care for cancer patients and women who are in long term care as a result of illness or an accident.  The women are undergoing perhaps one of the biggest challenges of their life – an illness or life-threatening health condition.


We reminded them that their illness does not define them, and provided a brief moment when they were not just ‘patients’ but beautiful strong women.

Thankful4Women - Elderly Residents Home



With BECCA Cosmetics and GLAMSQUAD we created an afternoon event to remind elderly residents that they are valued and appreciated and to demonstrate that women are beautiful at all ages. 


Shifting perception and demonstrating beauty transcends the generations and is not just a gift of youth. through providing hair and make-up services for elderly women living in the nursing home and then welcoming the male residents for an afternoon tea and dance provided many joyous Thankful Moments.

Thankful4Women - Community Outreach – Passing on Thankful Moments

New York

After being contacted by the organizers of Blockchain for Impact, PVBLIC Foundation and Kerry Bannigan, we redistributed flowers after an event to the residents of Henry Street Mission.  Creating unexpected Thankful Moments for residents and staff.

International Women’s Day, March 8th 2018, New York

With the generous support of Tavern on the Green, and supported by GLAMSQUAD and Romeo and Juliete Couture, we hosted an event to support, honor and celebrate women on International Women’s Day. 

Speakers shared their inspirational stories demonstrating resilience, determination and grit. In partnership with local shelters who provide refuge to women, we also invited residents to acknowledge their journey. We celebrated all women and their role and contribution to communities across the globe. 


upcoming events

As part of our initiatives we have a series of events planned across the globe, to share and create Thankful Moments.  If you would like to participate, volunteer or contact Thankful HQ about partnering to create an event, please contact us.