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We're promoting a mindset of gratitude as a powerful force to create a sustainable, equitable and happier world to create 1 billion Thankful moments !

Being Thankful not only helps us to feel good, being thankful is a powerful force of 'doing good' !

Imagine a world where we are thankful for the environment, where we appreciate and recognise all that the Earth provides.  This would create a powerful shift from extraction to restoration and regeneration of the planet’s valuable resources.


If we were Thankful for women, we would eliminate gender inequality and violence against women because women would be valued, recognised and appreciated for their contribution to families, communities and society throughout the world.


Being Thankful for food would result in less waste and recognition and appreciation of the effort and resources required to grow and produce our food.  This would be a win for people and the planet, improving food security and reducing climate change by reducing the impact on land, water, biodiversity and waste management systems.

Thankful4Women event in Miami

“It is when we acknowledge what we are grateful for, and then act upon it, that gratitude can have a truly transformative power.”

Dr Kerry Howells

Thankful Actions & Impact

Using the power of gratitude to create thankful moments

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Empowering Women and Girls
Thankful4Farmers Cornell visit


No Farmers No Food
Saveful Action.jpg


Thankful4Food and Reducing Household Food Waste


A platform to share stories of everyday women doing extraordinary things
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New GAP Year

Shaping regional Australia’s future workforce
Thankful event with Gigi Gorgeous


Creating Thankful moments
thankful in action

our commitment to a more positive world

The Thankful initiatives are designed to enable brands and consumers engage with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to improve our world, now and for generations to come.

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Take action to create a sustainable, equitable and happier world

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