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Thankful champion human rights

join the Movement to create positive action

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build your gratitude muscle

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Pre register for your copy of The Thankful Imperative – Gratitude is an Action

wear your attitude of gratitude

product partnership

demonstrate your organisational commitment to create Positive Social Impact

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It’s simple:

  1. Decide to make a positive difference in the world

  2. Pick a cause your brand is Thankful for (ie: committed to).

  3. Pick a meaningful product from your current line-up.

  4. Change the world...

"Brands with purpose grow, companies with purpose last, and people with purpose thrive" - Alan Jope, Unilever CEO
Thankful products

demonstrate your commitment to doing good


Where it is not possible for organisations to co-brand product, you can still demonstrate your organisational commitment to positive impact through sponsorship opportunities.

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Positive Action for Brands and Organisations - 
Create A Culture of Gratitude

Create a culture of gratitude to improve and enhance employee wellbeing, retention and loyalty, productivity and teamwork.

30 Day Challenge

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Connect with us to develop a Culture of Gratitude program

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contact us to partner and create Positive Action

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