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Years of scientific research has proven that it feels good to be Thankful! 

“If a person could do only one thing to increase their health and happiness, expressing gratitude might be it.”  Martin Seligman, Positive Psychology Pioneer

In fact, our overall wellness is vastly improved by the simple, yet powerful, act of being Thankful. 
Because when we have a Thankful mindset, we recognise the goodness in life.  And when we express gratitude, it becomes contagious and encourages others to be thankful and see what is positive in their own life. 
Taking even a moment to be Thankful shifts our brains, shifts our bodies, and even shifts our entire way of relating to the world.  It makes us all feel good, is good for our physical health, helps us to feel more connected, more compassionate, more empathetic, and kinder.
The effects of being thankful positively impact our body, our minds and our actions!

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