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Thankful Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to the
Thankful Foundation in the United States are tax-exempt to the extent provided by law.

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Thankful is a social enterprise and global lifestyle brand founded on the principle that the simple practice of gratitude has the power to improve overall happiness and wellness.  


our mission 

To create a healthy and positive world.


Thankful is based on the science-backed principle that practicing gratitude increases overall individual happiness and can improve mental health and wellness. 


This innovative new model merges philanthropy and business to spread the power of gratitude, via licensed products that give back, activations that spark thankful thinking, and harness the power of gratitude for good. 

Gratitude is the single best predictor of wellbeing and good relationships - beating out love, hope, creativity and 24 other impressive traits.   (Scientific American)

how we work

Tapping into the science of positive psychology, Thankful creates opportunities to provide Thankful Moments via an innovative business model that merges a product licensing program, global cause awareness campaigns, and a nonprofit arm. Creating the first multi-product, multi-cause social impact brand capable of spreading thankfulness and measurable impact.


Thankful partners with brands to develop responsible products bearing the trademarked ‘Thankful’ name, creating moments of thankfulness for consumers and generating revenue for the Thankful organization. 


Thankful donates a percentage of revenue to its non-profit arm, the Thankful Foundation, who then distributes funds to other non-profits who have the expertise, programming, and infrastructure in place to make measurable social impact. 


Ongoing, Thankful generates social good initiatives centered around global challenges. These multifaceted initiatives, with the addition of a products-that-give-back component due to Thankful’s licensing program, create real and lasting social impact.


the science

Thankful improves our own individual health. Studies show that gratitude boosts our mood, improves our sleep, enhances our relationships, and supports our immune system. 


Further studies have shown that thankfulness strengthens relationships and communities. Neuroscience indicates that when a person experiences the feeling of being grateful, the networks in the brain associated with understanding others' perspectives, interpersonal touch, and cultivating empathy are activated.​

  • Being thankful is scientifically shown to augment mental health & overall wellness

  • Studies show thankfulness is associated with:

    • Increased attention, mood, energy, connectedness, optimism, sleep quality, and metabolism.

    • Decreased physical ailments, pain, depression, anxiety, and stress. 

  • Research shows thankfulness changes brain circuitry and functioning (activates reward system and regulates stress response) 

Thankful’s multi-product  and multi-cause focus means the brand has the greatest potential reach and can generate a powerful collective voice. Remind yourself of the people and the things that you’re Thankful for today and share them at :


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thankful for farmers

#Thankful4Farmers is an initiative to unite brands, consumers and industries to raise funds to create long-term sustainable change for farmers and rural communities.


Farmers across the globe are facing unprecedented challenges; climatic conditions, reduced investment, falling commodity prices and raising tariffs and evolving consumer expectations. All of which is causing many to lose farms that have been in their families for generations. As a result, the global farming community is also facing a mental health crisis.



wear your thankful

 Show your gratitude on your sleeve with our new apparel and accessory collection! 


share your thankful message

Everyone has a story to tell… 
Discover how sharing your positive Thankful Moments can really begin to change our world.



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Thankful partners with many organizations to create Thankful moments for others.  From local events to events at the United Nations, we remind people to reflect and be Thankful for what we have and what we have achieved.


meet the team

Kim McDonnell

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Mike Chuter

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

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Oliver Libby

Chief Strategy Officer

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our commitment to a better world

The Thankful initiatives are designed to enable brands and consumers engage with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to improve our world, now and for generations to come.


wear your thankful

 Show your gratitude on your sleeve with our new apparel and accessory collection! 


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