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Thankful is a movement
It's a Mindset
It's Action
Positively changing the world

Being thankful is more than a feeling,
it is a powerful force to create a better world.

about us

who we are

Thankful is a movement that is using gratitude as a force for good to combat some of the biggest challenges the world is facing; the climate crisis, food insecurity, gender inequality, poverty, and societal injustice.
Thankful4Women event in Miami

what we do

We develop initiatives to raise awareness and raise funds to address global challenges.

how we do it

We partner with brands and organisations who are committed to creating positive social impact. 

They create products with purpose and co-brand products or services with the Thankful logo.

When people purchase Thankful co-branded products, they are reminded to recognise their Thankful moments whilst also helping to create Thankful moment for others.

Thankful receives a % of revenue from every product sold to drive positive and measurable social impact.
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a mindset shift

Research has proven that it feels good to be thankful
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take action

To positively change the world

join the movement

Create thankful moments! We are mobilising a movement of positive change to create a more equitable sustainable, and happier world
get involved
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build your gratitude muscle

Image by Aaron Burden

buy the book

Pre register for your copy of The Thankful Imperative Book

wear your attitude of gratitude

our latest activities

latest activities

share your thankful message


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