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Positively Changing the World



Thankful is a plug and play flexible platform that enables organisations to engage with consumers to demonstrate authentic, meaningful and sustainable commitment to global challenges.

Thankful is leading the conversation of positivity and is the world’s first global lifestyle brand founded on more than 20 years of scientific research to create sustainable revenue, global scalability and meaningful impact across multiple causes. 

how we work

Thankful is the first multi-product, multi-cause social impact brand capable of spreading thankfulness and measurable impact



Be Thankful

Thankful partners with brands to co-brand products and experiences to amplify awareness and raise money to solve global issues. 

Global Charity Partners


Money generated by Thankful
brand partners goes to fund programs on the ground to help solve global issues. 


the science

Being thankful is scientifically proven to be the single most powerful tool we can all implement to improve mental health & overall wellness.

Proven benefits include:

  • Boosting our moods

  • Improving our sleep

  • Enhancing our relationships

  • Supporting our immune system


Studies have shown that thankfulness strengthens relationships and communities. Neuroscience indicates that when a person experiences the feeling of being grateful, the networks in the brain associated with understanding others' perspectives, interpersonal touch, and cultivating empathy are activated.​

Studies have also shown thankfulness is associated with:

  • Increased attention, mood, energy, connectedness, optimism, sleep quality, and metabolism.

  • Decreased physical ailments, pain, depression, anxiety, and stress. 

Being thankful changes our brain circuitry and functioning, activating our reward system and regulating our stress response.


we're all thankful together

The world is facing a crisis unlike we have seen before with the ongoing threat of the COVID-19. Newsfeeds are filled with gloom and doom and self-isolation is perpetuating our fear and disconnectedness from community.


#ThankfulTogether is generating a new narrative. Spreading positivity and gratitude to drive hope and optimism to combat the global rise of uncertainty and fear.

wear your thankful

 Show your gratitude on your sleeve with our new apparel and accessory collection! 


share your thankful moments on instagram

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share your thankful message

Everyone has a story to tell… 
Discover how sharing your positive Thankful Moments can really begin to change our world.

Remind yourself of the people and the things that you’re Thankful for today and share them.



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