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What you can study to make the world more Thankful

A job is something you do for money. A career is something you do because you love doing it.


When thinking of a career path, it is important to start with a question, “What do I love and have a passion for?” Your answer to this question will point you in the right direction.

Here are four career paths you can study to make the world more thankful.

1. Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is a person who studies business courses and learns how to start his/her own business. They take lots of risks by putting up all or a majority of the capital to get started. Usually, they have an idea they are so passionate about that they are willing to risk everything just to make it a success.

For example, Kim McDonnell is the CEO of Thankful, and she was recently interviewed by Forbes about her innovative business ideas. McDonnell’s team has created the world’s first multi-cause social impact brand which spreads gratitude and measures its impact – creative, innovative and makes people say, ‘thank you’.

To help come up with her unique idea, McDonnell asked herself, “How do I want to be remembered?” Then she shared, “I had a vision of how I wanted to make this world a better place.” Entrepreneurs are always changing the world by sharing a glimpse of the great things they can do.

2. Psychology