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Listen to Thankful Founder, Kim McDonnell being interviewed by Andrea Lynett from podcast series, Drown the Noise. Drown the Noise is designed to highlight stories from entrepreneurs, change-makers and forward thinkers, drowning the noise in their lives to leave a lasting legacy. Through authentic conversations with inspiring individuals, we uncover how they found the courage to live life on their own terms and follow their dreams. Click here for the full details and interview

Here's a quick introduction to some of the questions asked

Would you consider yourself to be a risk taker?

If success meant that you would have to move your family around the world in order to build your business, would you do it?

These are questions Founders Kim McDonnell and her husband had to ask themselves when they started to build their current business, Thankful. Originally from Australia, they decided to move to New York City to ramp up their social enterprise and lifestyle brand company.

It took them over three years just to get all their trademarks in order.

As they say on their site, the company “taps into the science of positive psychology, Thankful creates opportunities to provide Thankful Moments via an innovative business model that merges a product licensing program, global cause awareness campaigns, and a nonprofit arm. Creating the first multi-product, multi-cause social impact brand capable of spreading thankfulness and measurable impact.”

Their mission: create a healthier and happier world.

Armed with a background in marketing and advertising and a lot of experience working with big brands, Kim recognized that she wanted her own legacy to stand for something more than just helping big businesses grow. She was fulfilled in her career; but recognized there was something missing. She wanted to do more and have a bigger impact.

She asked herself: how do I want to be remembered? And what does that look like?

Knowing that consumerism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, they wanted to build a brand that could take the profits and not only make the consumer feel better about their choices - but know that their money is going towards non-profit causes that helps those in needs.

Their innovative new model merges philanthropy and business to spread the power of gratitude, via licensed products that give back, activations that spark thankful thinking, and harness the power of gratitude for good.

Currently they’ve been working with the UN on various campaigns, are working to shed light on women and girls making an impact in their communities and raising money and awareness for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the Caribbean island.


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