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Diversity is good for individuals, businesses and the world. Expand beyond your bubble.

Two heads are better than one. But do you know what’s even better than two heads? Two heads with different experiences, perspectives and skillsets. And maybe even more heads.

If you want to make your community stronger, smarter and kinder, give it a booster shot of diversity. Researchers have discovered that embracing diversity increases creativity and makes us better at making decisions and solving problems.

Now more than ever, it’s up to us to spread the word about the benefits of diversity. Here are three reasons we’re thankful for it.

Diversity is Good for Business

Academic studies of the world’s most successful companies show that the ones who prioritize gender inclusiveness are more valuable than those who do not — $44 million more valuable. Based on these studies, The Washington Post reported that investors would be better off writing checks to companies that have women on their boards.

The same goes for racial diversity. Wall Street traders set more accurate prices when they work in ethnically diverse groups. And it’s not just that more diversity pushes us to be better. It’s that less of it allows us to be worse. With no one there to challenge their ideas, homogenous groups have been found to make more mistakes.