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Thankful4Farmers unifies Farmers to help their city mates in lockdown

To support city people in need, NSW Beef farmer Robert Mackenzie donated 300kg of Black Angus beef. "Every time the bush gets in strife, whether it's fire, flood, or the biggest drought we've had in decades, the city comes and gives us a hand."

"We saw the story on Channel 9, where a farmer was giving back, and we wanted to help propel that," says Thankful CEO Kim McDonnell. "Every single time we had a conversation with a farmer and a producer, it was 'absolutely we'll help'. We were overwhelmed, but we weren't surprised by their kindness and generosity, and desire to want to give back."

"From broccoli to celery and cauliflowers and bok choy and apples and pears, those boxes were absolutely overflowing," she said.

"That's what community's all about."

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