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Valuing our Farmers

How we produce, market and consume food has a big impact on the Earth’s capacity to sustain us, and that has a direct impact on human health and our economic prosperity.


Farmers across the world are being told to unlearn everything

so that they can embark on a transition to climate-friendly agriculture.


Corrigin farmers, Cindy Stevens and Simon Wallwork are fourth-generation Australian farmers who believe farmers must be part of the global push to make the industry carbon neutral. They are working to make their farm carbon neutral by 2030.

"If we farm in the right way, working with environmental systems instead of against them and with a substantial focus on the welfare of communities, not only will we increase the production of more nutritious food and generate more employment, we will also create a sustainable capacity to keep the entire system going indefinitely to feed the world’s growing population."

This shift is necessary. But it won’t happen until farming becomes a dignified profession where all farmers are compensated for the true value for their production.


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