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The CEO Moment: Leadership for a New Era

COVID-19 has created a massive humanitarian challenge:

  • millions ill and hundreds of thousands of lives lost;

  • soaring unemployment rates in the world’s most robust economies;

  • food banks stretched beyond capacity; governments straining to deliver critical services.

The pandemic is also a challenge for businesses—and their CEOs—unlike any they have ever faced, forcing an abrupt dislocation of how employees work, how customers behave, how supply chains function, and even what ultimately constitutes business performance.

With 87% of global consumers agreeing that businesses must play a role in addressing societal issues.

This is an opportunity for CEOs to confront this unique moment, to shift how they lead, seizing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to consciously evolve the very nature and impact of their role.

There is an opportunity to lead in a new, more positive and impactful way. If a critical mass of CEOs embrace and extend what they have learned during the pandemic, this CEO moment could become a CEO movement - one that is profoundly positive for the achievement of corporate, human, and societal potential.

Today, it’s not just good business but good sense to put social impact at the heart of your organisation.

"This CEO moment could become a CEO movement"


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