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Tokyo Olympics: Olympic Refugee Team a symbol of Hope

The Olympic Games have always provided moments of greatness and inspiration as we watch the greatest athletes from across the globe compete for one of the highest accolades in their career, an Olympic medal.

In Tokyo in 2021, twenty-nine stateless athletes are providing hope and inspiration as they raise awareness of the more than 80 million forcibly displaced people around the world when they compete as part of the special Refugee Olympic Team at the Tokyo Games.

This team all share a story of trauma, tragedy, sadness and loss, but they also share a story of strength, courage, resilience and hope.


They embody the spirit of humanity


They embody the spirit of humanity and "also a message that these forcibly displaced people are an enrichment to all our societies and that we should embrace them like we do in the Olympic Games, to show all our unity in all our diversity" says Thomas Bach, IOC President.

This team don’t need to win an Olympic medal…they are already a team of HEROES!


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